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The Accessible Graphs project aims to create accessible graphs for blind and visually impaired people.

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In today’s world, where data is ubiquitous, we view data accessibility as a basic human right. The Accessible Graphs project aims to provide an interface to numerical data for any purpose, be it Scientific Research, Software Development, Education etc.

This data is typically visualized using graphs, charts, heatmaps etc. You could think of these visualizations as the visual interface to the data. We aim to provide a multi-sensory interface to the data. This interface uses sound and touch, in addition to the visual channel, as a means to convey the same underlying data.

Our hope is that by doing this, we will make work in fields such as Scientific Research, Data Science and Machine Learning accessible to people with certain disabilities.

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The team

Ofer bartal

Ofer Bartal

Software engineer, X-Googler, Co-founder at with a goal to help people learn and work in software

Mohammad Suliman

Mohammad Suliman

Software developer, B.Sc in Computer Science from Technion, blind and wants to help other blind people in STEM education

Eilana Benish

Eilana Benish

Product manager, website accessibility expert